In order to register for FastMail, some steps should be followed:

Step 1: Sending message to register                                
Customer compose message  “MAIL”  and send to  9240 to register.
After sending message successfully, customer receives 03 replies from the system as following:

Message 1: Informing customer that he/she has registered FastMail service successfully, and provide information of username and password (customer use these to access to FastMail Client  or website/wapsite.) In which, username is customer’s mobile phone number sending message to 9240 previously (mobile phone number/username is in form of 8490xxxxxxx or 8493xxxxxxx.)

For examples: “Ban da dang ky dich vu FastMail, tai khoan dang nhap: 84xxx, mat khau yyyy. Goi 9244 de biet them chi tiet".

Message 2: Providing link wappush or URL (http://fastmail.mobifone.com.vn in format) so that customer can download FastMail Client  to his/her mobile phone.

Step 2: Downloading and installing FastMail browser in mobile phone:
Customer choose news containing link (message 2), click the message, then the phone would automatically connect to wapsite service http://fastmail.mobifone.com.vn via GPRS.
The system would automatically identify handset used by customer and require his/her to confirm service using conditions. Customer selects “I agree” to continue, and then selects “Click here to download” to download application.
Customer follows instructions to install application in mobile phone. After successful downloading and installing. Depending on each mobile phone, the Icon would locate in different folders (in Applications folder as commonly)  

Notice: Customer can also download FastMail Client  by accessing wapsite http://fastmail.mobifone.com.vn from his/her mobile phone, log in and select                      Setting -> Download and do as instructions displayed on phone screen.                          

Step 3: Setting FastMail configuration
Each MobiFone subscriber registered for FastMail can registers maximum 4 email accounts.

To configure /set email addresses, user can choose the following methods:

Method 1: Settings email configuration via website:

User goes to website: http://fastmail.mobifone.com.vn, Login to the account and password provided via FastMail. After successful login, customer follows these steps: Settings -> Emails ->New Email Account -> Choose email account in the list box “ Email Account

For more user’s convenience, FastMail provides some popular email domain in Vietnam such as: fpt.vn; Gmail.com,vn.vnn; hcm.vn.vnn; mobifone.vn…After typing email account/password, and then choose “Commit” to complete configuration email settings in FastMail service.

In case user’s email not in the list box, such as: email provided by user’s corporation: After choosing other email account in “Email Account”, customer follows these steps: Type email account/password for this email account -> Provide information about the email account:
+ Username
+ Incoming Receiving Email Server include: Type of email, Incoming Server IP, Incoming Port
+Outgoing Sending  Email Server include: Outgoing Server IP, Outgoing Port, requires SSL Connection…Then clicks the button “Commit” to finish settings email configuration on FastMail service.

Method 2: Settings email configuration via wapsite:

On handset, user goes to wapsite: http://fastmail.mobifone.com.vn or clicking on the third message (a wap-push message which contains the link to the wapsite when user registered the FastMail service.). After successful login to the wapsite, choose Settings -> New Account -> Choose an email account in the “Email Account” list box.    

After choosing the appropriate email account in “Email Account” list box, user follows the same steps as in the website.

Method 3: Settings email configuration via FastMail Client:

On handset, user opens FastMail Client, logs in with account/password which FastMail provides in the first message, when customer finishes the service registration.

After finishing these steps, FastMail Client automatically connect to http://fastmail.mobifone.com.vn via GPRS. Then, in the wapsite, user can configure the email configuration via wapsite. After finishing the setting email configuration, user can send/receive email on mobile through email account registered in FastMail, or wapsite/website: http://fastmail.mobifone.com.vn.

After successful registered an email account in FastMail, user will receive an email from FastMail.

Notice: Because of free Yahoo Email national account can only read on the yahoo’s website so FastMail can not support Yahoo Email account. FastMail support Yahoo Vietnam account only.


  Mobile Number:
MAIL Register
Daily cost: 1200vnd  
Free GPRS  
Number of email account  upto 4 email account  
Email storage: 50 Mbyte  
Anti Spam  
Coppyright of VMS company.
Licence number: 105GP-BC by Ministry of Information and Communications issue date 26/4/2006